Saturday, 28 December 2013

Felix Felicis- Part 1

We humans; may consider ourselves however smart or rational in thoughts, are still somewhere deep inside a bit superstitious. We all or atleast a bunch of us believe in hardwork but even then we give some amount of weight to fate or destiny.
There are still people who don’t believe in God on any usual day but if exams are around the corner, a student starts praying fervently in hope to excel or rather just pass also. If a particular number favors us, we try and make sure that number plays a great role in everything we do be it the house number of a brand new flat or the plate number of a recently purchased car or even the number of letters in one’s name.

When “important” people like filmstars or politicians can have so much faith in such things, well then I am no different. I am not that much into beliefs but I still blame my luck for any wrongdoings which befall on my normal routine. And I equally believe in lucky charms too. Though I never thought my lucky charm would turn out to be a breathing soul.

"Felix Felicis or Liquid Luck" (which is better known to all those who are well versed with the magical world of J.K Rowling) is a magical golden potion that makes the drinker of that potion extremely lucky for a particular amount of time.

And that’s what I would call her too.

She came into my life when maybe I needed no luck. I was doing just fine with my life. All was happy-go-lucky; until she arrived. Not that we became pals the moment we met. I didn’t take any liking to her the first time I saw her. For me she was nothing but a replacement for someone else.

But slowly after months of avoiding her, I had to give into her constant bouts of affection. And since then I have been extremely protective of her.

I have never seen someone so mischievous as her. The moment she had entered our house, she had made it hers, exploring every nook and corner and getting familiar with the idea of being with us. She always had a boisterous attitude and a knack for getting both me and my brother into trouble.  

She is the life of our house and the most favoured one too. Sometimes I feel I am the adopted one compared to her but have never been jealous of her and the attention she garners from all in the family as well as friends.

So yes she is a bundle of joy for all but still doesn’t explain why I consider her my lucky charm, does it?

Well if I explained it all in one go, where would be the fun?

She is more than just a happy picture, she is deep down the reason I smile more than earlier.

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