Monday, 11 August 2014

"The 12 !!!" - All Aboard !

So one year back in month of February, I had a brainwave. 

An idea that originated from a gift for someone and culminated into something that is hard to describe in a word, in a sentence or maybe even in a blog post.

12 People, Hundreds of memories & Thousands of feelings!

This series was not just for the people I chose to write for, it was also a way to thank each and everyone who ever entered my life and brightened it in some way or the other.

When I started writing, I thought it will be hard to have more than 5-6 posts and now that its over, I have realized it was harder keeping it down to just 12.

I have way more valuable people in my life than I ever consider.

And each one of them is special and I am glad that they are part of my life.

So this is me raising toast to the 12 who were, the 12 who are and the 12 who will be !

For all the late joiners to my blog, I am rounding up all of my posts below with their titles as direct links to respective blog posts and after much thinking and mulling I have decided to not reveal the names. 

Coz some things are better left unsaid :)

Happy Reading! 

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