Sunday, 5 May 2013

Miss Congeniality- Part 2

I still remember very clearly, the first time we met, sitting next to each other, filling out the college form. Having almost similar marks in high school and all, we ended up talking and I came to know that she will be shifting to a new city for the college.

She has a very unique name (which she doesn’t stop proclaiming sometimes). After that first meeting, I was more confident, because I was going to college knowing a name and atleast one familiar face.

In these past four years, our friendship has seen a lot, gone through usual ups and downs but it has only moved forward. There are things we don’t approve of each other and we make sure the other person knows about it. I rarely hide anything from her; because sooner or later, I always end up telling her things.

There are times though when I am afraid of opening up to her because of things she may not like, but to be honest so far, whatever I have done, worst or best, she hasn’t judged me.

I will always cherish my friendship with her because according to me it is one of a kind.

She has given me some of the best memories of college years whether it be sharing the same bench during lectures or saving a seat for her till she didn’t come, stupid chats of ours on paper while the class was still going on, heavy discussions over movies; what to see, what not to see, gossip of the celluloid world, calling each other new names every day, harmless teasing, pesky fights, her never calling me (miss call concept was created just for her I think). She was my better half in college (according to my mother), my punching bag (she would completely agree to this), and my confidante.

But the thing I dislike the most about her, is her constant self-doubt. She has these moments when she thinks she is not good enough and then she plummets into this pit of low confidence and blames herself for everything. It becomes a task to knock some sense into her. I only wish she would realize soon that she is brilliant and all she needs is an opening to showcase her skills.

It is not easy to be liked by all. People always judge you even before they know you. They look at you and make up their mind about you. But I can bet my life on it that no one has ever disliked her. She has a quality that makes her likeable and adorable. She can adjust very nicely with everyone, be it college or new roommates, anyone.

Anyone who is reading this would think I am madly in love with this girl, but then I am. We never tell each other such sweet stuff but I know we both will have a cry day the day we part ways. But still I know she won't leave me in peace ever and I will always pray that she never does.
If the college had an award for something like this, for me the best and the perfect choice would have been this mad, silly but extremely sweet gem of a person because she truly is “Miss Congeniality”.

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