Monday, 29 April 2013

Miss Congeniality- Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a girl. 

Ambitious, full of dreams and fun-loving. She came to a new city to begin a new chapter in her life and simultaneously also entered my life.

And ever since that day, ladies and gentlemen, my life has never been the same.

C.S Lewis, the creator of the world of Narnia, quotes “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

And this insanely mad person fits the description. We are as different as can be but so similar in other things that people mistake us to be “soulmates”.

Small round face, small eyes hidden behind Harry Potter type glasses, a huge smile and wavy hair. She is so pretty but she can be very clueless about it. The way she stretches few words while speaking is hilarious and adorable. Everyone loves pulling her cheeks. She is the nerd of the gang. A typical kind who makes notes, prepares a timetable to study and who revises twice before every exam.

But don’t be mistaken if you think that she is just about studies. Oh definitely not. 

I bet the people close to her can actually tell you silly ridiculous tales starring her in the main lead.

She is a true Bollywood fan and by Bollywood I actually mean SRK. The romance king is the king of her hearts too. And no she isn’t romantically in awe of him. She is just in awe of him. She probably panics more than the producer of the film before his new release. She has such a healthy obsession for the superstar that the whole college knows about it. According to me if there is any dream job made for her, it is that of either being Film Consultant to King Khan or a movie critic.

She is a budding artist. She has a lot of talent which she sometimes hides from the rest of the world. She loves painting. And she is damn good at it. And I am sure of it, because I have her work hanging in my house at this moment. She is also a pretty good dancer and can pick up those Bollywood steps pretty quickly. For someone with two left feet, I am definitely in awe of her because of that.

She scrunches up her nose while laughing, she sneezes loudly in the class and then says “Excuse Me” in a cute kiddish voice, she gets extremely excited sometimes and sometimes her mood dips an all time low and she can be very snappy during that time. She talks like there is no tomorrow. She speaks her mind too bluntly at times. Her best quality is that she is a really easy person to get along with and likeable by all and can be an amazing company. But she has difficulty expressing her feelings sometimes especially to people she cares about a lot. And that is what actually makes her so unique. Because you can see how much she loves you from her actions.

She is one of those few people I thank God for. Wondering why? You’ll know soon enough.

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