Monday, 15 July 2013

The Window

When I was a kid, I had a bursting imagination. All I needed was a description and my mind would be full of vivid imagery. I would make up random stories using the scenes I would see, be it me shopping at some supermarket with my mum or watching kids play a game in the playground. It was a good way to keep my mind busy.

Being an army kid always had its perks; in the sense that I got to see and travel a lot. And for me back then what was more interesting apart from the new city was the new house we would get.

I have always liked imagining what kind of place we would get. Would there be a huge garden? A porch with a swing in it? Huge rooms? Rooms with huge windows?

I like houses with huge windows. I like sitting by a window and looking outside. Back in childhood, I would pretend that it is a huge TV screen playing a movie.

Whenever I am upset, I always pull up a chair and sit near a window, and just gaze outside. It somehow makes me forget what I was upset about or angry over; because I realize that the world outside is so huge and mesmerizing. That there are so many things left to do and if I waste my time mulling over what has happened already, all I am doing is taking away time from myself. Time in which I could be doing something better.

The world has so much to offer that we take it for granted.

It doesn’t mean that we run after every damn thing. But wherever we are, we should always enjoy that moment. Because moments like these are what make a happy life.

This is what a window tells me.

The window is the first thing I see when I wake up.

And every day is a different day in itself.

Sometimes it is sunny. Sometimes it rains heavily. Sometimes there are just clouds hovering over in the sky, hiding the sun and I sit back and lazily form creatures and objects from those clouds.
Sometimes I notice kids playing outside in the garden, other times I see people sitting together sharing a light moment.

I see days of joy, love and delight and also days of sadness and despair.

There are times when a bird sits on the window sill and chirps early morning. And if I am lucky, I even get to see a rainbow glowing brightly outside.

The window makes me look forward to the coming day. The window gives me hope.

So next time when you get up and feel that the day ahead is going to be heavy, just look outside the window. Take in the scene you see. And remember life keeps going on. It stops for no one. So don’t let it scare you either.

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