Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Army Brat

I am an army kid, born and brought up in surroundings of army trucks, parades and whatever it is that people assume we army people do.

But I would never call myself that huge an army brat (we love calling ourselves THAT). I am pretty sure this term was also coined by one of the kids only. I still mix up the no. of stars on the shoulder panel on the uniform. I still mess up the order of seniority within a regiment sometimes. 

But this guy doesn’t. He can perhaps segue into a huge discussion on the wars which India has fought, the years, the martyrs and perhaps even who won which gallantry award.

He is proud of his father being in Army. He doesn’t fail in mentioning it from time to time. And now he aims to make his father proud by being the same.

Welcome the one guy I know close enough to term as “The Army Brat”.

Tall, dark and well slightly handsome now, (age can make a difference you see), he is someone who can mingle in a crowd and also be part of the spotlight. Round face and funny small eyes, and one most important physical feature which I love and envy at the same time, the cute dimpled smile.

How long have I known him? 

Well it is long, long enough to know, that he has a golden heart and a very sharp focused mind. You can’t beat him at concentration and determination. He exemplifies hardwork for me.

We are different in a lot of ways. Our thinking, our way of handling a problem. Everything. He is the mature one while I am the kid. He is as calm as sea and well I just don’t function that way. He is humble and often selfless. He has a temper but he knows how to keep it in check. I sometimes feel I am too harsh on him. He deserves way more than I give him credit for.

We share a love-hate relationship. We can fight on any trivial matter for hours, but we can also make up in a matter of seconds. We both have a common love for Bollywood flicks, cheesy or crappy; smart or pathetic. We can watch them all.

I have fought with him, called him names, pulled his hair, beat him and accused him of stuff he had never done maybe; but now that we are far apart living in different cities, I miss him. I miss laughing together, watching stupid Hindi movies and then enacting the funny scenes, the trips to some new eating joints, standing up for each other when we are being scolded. We may have made each other cry, but we still can’t stand seeing the other cry.
Every relationship is put to test. And what better test than distance. Friendships blossom or dry out under this test. But a relationship like this only strengthens. When apart you miss the company. You miss the constant fights, name calling, the bonding. And when you meet after a gap, it is like magic. You have so many stories to tell each other.

I believe the relationship I share with him is the best. We rarely talk to each other, and barely meet. But I know I always have him there for me.
This special bond is worth everything else.

I am pretty selfish as a person and I always think of myself before anyone else. But if I ever stumble across a magic lamp and some genie popped out of it and granted me three wishes. I would use two on him. And maybe then think of myself. I love him the most. And although back in childhood I may have had long discussions with God on why was I made to stick with him, today this moment I am glad he came in my life.

And I wish nothing but the best for him.

Because this brat, deserves it all.

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