Thursday, 24 October 2013

Welcome to EITC Campus Hires 2013

This is a tale of a corporate land
A company which is also a known brand
A tale of people 21 in number
This will surely wake you from slumber
Girls are fifteen, boys are six
How to initiate talking, we all were in a fix
But the bond we formed is now so strong
Though we have barely known each other for long
So now the story has begun
Here I present the boy number one
Tall, fair and has a weird knack
Perhaps the only fan of Rebecca Black
Loves chocolates, surprises he destroy
Acts like a baby, is a complete “Mumma’s boy”
Next here is guy number two
Known for having nothing to do
Claims to be a singer, never heard a song
If you see him busy, then something is wrong
Short and fair, has the loudest laugh
Still hung up on someone from his school staff
Read along, for the poem is free
Now I bring the guy number three
Tall and has a passion for bikes
More than girls, this is what he likes
Simple and nice, enough as detail
Pulsar is his ride which is “Definitely Male”
Three are done, there are three more
Let’s welcome our guy number four
His status is mentioned in his name
“I am better than Zomato” is his claim
He is the only guy who has teams two
And each has tied him up with a girly duo
In “Operational Excellence”, he will thrive
Welcoming now the guy number five
His first impression was of a guy so lazy
First week memory of him is slightly hazy
Fun as company, says nothing obscene
Loaded with so much work, now barely seen
All the guys are a good mix
Lastly we have the guy number six
Enters the office very late
Calm in nature, has no hate
Focused in work, has a sharp mind
Stays aloof, often left behind

Guys are done, with girls we begun
Applaud here for the girl number one
Fair in looks, has a voice so loud
Doesn’t need mike when in a crowd
Loves to talk, has spirits high
I doubt anyone can really call her shy
Poem getting too long to handle
I ll pick girls now in a bundle
The next three are busy all the time
For them taking a break is like a crime
Two are bold and one always shies
Loo,Poo n Ashu are called Butterflies
These two have names which slightly rhyme
Both are usually together most of the time
One deal with networks, loves to mingle
Other works on servers and is definitely single
Up next is a duo as different as can be
Rarely busy, but mostly free
One of them always loves to dance
The other asks question when always a chance
These three girls work the most
Whenever I visit, they always look toast
One totally mad, one is silent
One laughs a lot and is not at all violent

The next two are the geeks of the batch
In the same team, they are a perfect match
Their jokes are insane and too much to understand
“Devil’s bitches” is what they would have called their band

This female looks all time high
Leaves sentences incomplete, I wonder why
Drinks hot water, likes to debate
We call her Grumpy coz she loves to hate
That leaves the one who is telling this all
Thin, crazy and slightly tall
Has work on hand and still found time
To make this amazing awesome rhyme!

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