Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I Have To Say Goodbye

Exams are done, bags are packed, tickets are booked.

The day is finally here.

Four years, eight semesters, lifetime of memories. 

College days are finally over.

College life is a period when you take a small step away from the comfort of home. You meet people; some different and some as similar as peas in a pod.

You get to discover yourself. You realize your strengths, get more acquainted with your flaws n accept them with grace.

You start dreaming about making a change to the world.

For many of us college was leaving home, staying on your own, adjusting in a new city.

College is about making yourself a person who still stands out from the crowd of many.

College was a life changer for me. I experienced love, hatred, jealousy, success and also failure. It took a toll on me, pulled me into this deep dark pit, but it also strengthened me. Made me strong and confident. I probably learnt more in these four years than I ever can.

I know myself better. I have accepted my quirkiness and come to love it. I actually have dreams set for the future and I have a hope of getting closer to them too.

And I made friends. Friends who made me realize my qualities and friends who made me see the world in a positive way. Some may leave , some may stay, but I will cherish all of them equally.

It's time to move on to a new chapter. We all are about to embark on a journey to actually make those dreams come true. We won't be successful right from start. There will be falls and we will be hurt too but we will get stronger as we move ahead.

Saying goodbye is always hard.

But goodbyes don't mean forever it's only farewell until we meet again.

We will meet. In future. Maybe we might be different. But I know that we ll start from where we left.

This is me bidding adieu to my college friends. Four years of togetherness and four years of madness has resulted in a hard disk full of pictures and a heart filled with memories.

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