Monday, 3 June 2013

The Queen of Melodrama- Part 1

Lights! Camera! Action!

These three words are the beginning of any theatrical act.

Drama is defined as a quality of being arresting or highly emotional. And nothing describes her any better way.

She isn’t arresting looks wise. But she has that air around her which screams emotions all over.

She could be anyone. She could be sitting next to you in the bus crying over the ending of a sad book.
She could be the one in the next seat beside you in a cinema hall sighing over the heartthrob in the movie. She could be hiding under a blanket while watching a horror show. She could be a complete stranger you pass by in the shopping mall or she could be as close as a sister sharing your bed in the hostel room.

Meet Miss Emo. It’s a perfect name describing someone who is although in complete control over her feelings but is full of them. They may sound like over dramatic attention seekers because I had the same notion before one of them became a close friend.

She just entered unknowingly into my life and is now going to leave a deep impression in it. Who knew that sharing the first letter of your name would end up making a bond which will last for maybe forever.  

The first thing that comes to your mind when you see her is, “Oh My God! She is such drama queen!”. But once you know her, you just end up admiring her for her strengths as well as the flaws.

She has a laugh which is contagious, eyes which can shield away feelings pretty nicely and the most amazing chilled out personality. Her optimism can be annoying at times and yet sometimes it is exactly what you need.

She is a typical girl. She loves dressing up, shopping and enjoys being the center of attention. But she is not a fake or a snob. She is a sweet and the most caring person I have seen. She does what she thinks is right and sometimes her approach might be wrong but only good comes out of it. I know this, because whatever be her way, she has always tried to help me out in her best possible way.

She is very emotional and gets affected by even tiny of situations easily. But she is also very strong and knows when to hold her feelings back and stay calm.

In these past two years we have been the worst and even the best of friends.  

I have been angry and furious with her. But I have also worried and always wished for her to be happy.

This is a friendship which has been exhausting and trying for both of us. But I know when you read ahead you will know why I said what I said.

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