Friday, 7 June 2013

The Queen of Melodrama- Part 2

She has been like a guardian to me ever since I shifted to hostel. She has always somehow ended up knowing everything happening in my life, even the tiniest details. Sometimes I confide in her and sometimes, well, she just knows. But she has never been judgemental about my decisions or how I handle my life. Yes she has tried to make me see sense a lot of times which used to be infuriating but when I think of it now, she always did it for me, so that I will be happy in the future.

We have had our fair share of fights and misunderstandings. There have been days when we have not spoken to each other for a long period of time. But we have always come around. And that is what has made our friendship stronger.

The past two years I have grown to be closer to her in a lot many ways. It must be those sudden shopping spree plans, the random dramatic acts, love for talking nonstop or the shared interest in pulling people’s legs. I somehow have some of the most random memories with her.

And now it is time. Time to say the goodbyes.

I have always wondered how I will react when I have to part ways from her. And trust me; I never thought it will be such a numb feeling.

I still feel like we will meet again, that we have more semesters left in college where we can sleep through class, pass chits, spend time doing everything except programming in the labs, clicking pictures and perhaps studying a bit.

I will miss my Drama Queen.

I will miss the way she would pose for every picture; I will miss her sudden dramatic outbursts, those bollywood type dialogues, her optimism, how she would never let me lose hope when I felt like giving up, the way she made me NOT splurge on anything, the midnight snacks, the studies together, the projects throughout our college life. I will never forget those lame songs we would sing in the Auto, those silly rhymes we would cook up while pretending to write long codes of lines on the computer.

There is just so much more we were supposed to do. And now that time is slipping away, I just wish it would freeze and we can do all this all over again.

She taught me how to stay calm and not panic. She taught me to be less nerdy perhaps. She made hostel life less difficult.

I may have hurt her in the past, but I also hope that I have been able to make up for it.

This is not a farewell message. This is just me letting her know that she is one of those people I will cherish forever.

I wish her all the happiness and great luck with showers of success at every step. She has always been the caring one and I love her just the way she is.

Stay smiling and ever so melodramatic ‘Miss Bakbak Machine’!

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