Thursday, 14 March 2013

She's The Man- Part 1

In my 21 years of life, I have met and befriended a lot of people. I have had betrayals, some friendships lasting over years and some that will never break. I have met people of all sorts, and yes, I am not kidding about this. I actually have categorized them too, (yes, that’s what I do when I am very bored!), you name it and I have met her/him. We have ‘Simply Pretty’, ‘Delicate Darling’, ‘The vicious witch’, ‘Mr. Stud’, ‘The Show-Off’ and the list goes on and on.

But never have I met anyone like her. Don’t go by the title. She is not a football lover like Amanda Bynes from the same movie. But she is as tough as the character of Viola. She is probably stronger than most of the guys I have known, and I don’t mean physically but personality-wise.

Somehow I can’t put her in any of the categories, because she is just too different from the rest of the stereotyped girls.
She has no issues about the world. She doesn’t change just because the world demands her to. Her ideology is, “Screw the world, just be happy!”
Bold, bright and beautiful, she is full of confidence and has this aura around her that makes people take notice of her. But don’t mistake her to be vain. She is down-to-earth and totally simple at heart. If she is clueless about things, she doesn’t hide it by pretending to be fake.

She is fiercely protective about her friends and family. Dare to get on her wrong side and be prepared to face her vicious sharp tongue. She is someone you wish you hadn’t messed with because she definitely knows how to treat people the right way.

You can easily identify her in the crowd. She would be the one with the loudest, ‘I don’t care’ laugh. Her eyes are deep and dangerous. They hold dark secrets and are full of mischief.

But if you think that she is all fierce and daring and partly selfish, then you are wrong. Deep down within, is a girl, who believes in the power of true love and secretly hopes for it.

You must be wondering what makes her so different from the rest of those girls. It’s the reason, that she is one of the few people who changed me for good.

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  1. Shivika, ur description is so precise of her that it dsnt need any more elaboration. Ne one who knows her wudnt need to hv a secnd thot befr concluding as to whom ur tlkin abt. Vrry well written, keep doing that. N yes, She is the Man!!!! Ask me n ill tell u. ;-)