Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Unpredictable Risk Taker- Part 1

Crazy is a person who is supposed to have crossed the realms of sanity.

But for me crazy is cool. Crazy is someone who has no qualms of what the world perceives him as. He can be someone who is passionate towards what he does or just different and unique from the rest.

We all need someone crazy in our life, someone who teaches you how to live life to the fullest and in a very different way.  And I am glad to have one such person in my life.

He isn’t your typical Prince Charming material or even as plain as a guy-next-door. He is someone who is noticeable amidst the crowd of many but not because he has those tall dark handsome features. It’s because of his impish personality, those mischievous eyes and that crooked smile, the way he holds a conversation and can make anyone at ease around him. There aren’t many manufactured like these.  But I was lucky enough to befriend one.

Meet Mr. Dauntless. Why do I call him that? Because he seeks thrill; for him every moment of life is to be lived. 

He isn’t dauntless because he performs those bat-shit crazy stunts or lives at the edge. I call him so because he lives life on his terms. He does what he feels is right however horribly wrong it might be. He isn’t a shade of white or black. He has shades of grey in sense of righteousness and also because of the grey cells in that diverse brain of his.  He ‘assumes’ he has a bad memory but that’s not the case. He remembers stuff; he just doesn’t find it fit enough to be recalled now and then.

For him who is graduating from which college is not as important as is memorizing the names of all the Robins ever created in Batman-universe. He would prefer spending his day immersed in the world of wizards, hobbits and dragons or battling his Pokémon to win all the badges and if all else fails, he has the whole world left to explore. If he could, he would just travel; meet new people, see new cultures, learn something new. And nothing else pleases him more than this, except maybe telling stories about his adventures. (Heard perhaps all of them repeatedly.)

He has those small habits which make him all the more adorable; the way he loves animals or treats the poor kids time to time (been a witness to that) or holds someone’s hand while they are having an emotional moment or the fact that at times he can totally defend his friends (been a witness to that too). 

How I met him is also a fun story in itself and probably the most cliched one too.

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