Sunday, 17 March 2013

She's The Man- Part 2

I don’t think we hit it off instantly when we first met. It took us almost more than 6 months to let our guard down and become friends. If it wasn’t for sudden change in seating arrangement with her ending up as my bench-mate, I would never have known her up-close.  I always assumed her to be a bit snobbish and way too blunt; but once I came to know her up close she was a different person altogether. She is just blunt because sometimes you have to be like that to deal with the world, but if that tongue is sharp, it is equally sweet. 

She is crazy like me, smart as hell one moment and clueless like a blonde the next minute.  She can be a bit reckless while making decisions regarding her life; but an amazing adviser when it comes to others. I can rely on her. She is there for me when I need her. Never once has she backed out from helping me at times of crisis. I don’t tell her everything and she knows that, but she also knows that I trust her. She is one of those few people I can blindly put my faith in because I know she won’t fail me.

If I lose my keys, she is my girl. If I am left homeless, I know she will always let me in at her place with open arms and a wild crazy grin. If I am upset, she always tries to cheer me up. If I kill someone, I know she will help me in hiding the body. She is my agony aunt, my party person, and my counsellor, my guardian in a huge city, my 3 am girl, my shopping companion and way more than this.

She pampers me from time to time but scolds me too if necessary. If I am stubborn as hell, well so is she. And there many occasions when she wins. She loves me crazily and worries hell lot more about me than required.

I guess my final school wouldn’t have been so much fun, if not for her presence. She is still around. There are days when we go without talking but that doesn’t affect our closeness.

She taught me to be independent and not rely on others for happiness. She taught me to stay strong when times are worse. She loves me the way I am, and there is a huge chance she may abandon me if I changed myself even a little bit to fit in the world.

I admire her for her attitude and how she handles her life. For me, she is definitely the man.

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