Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Unpredictable Risk Taker- Part 2

I met him by accident. A chance encounter honestly. It was the typical 'met through common friend' story. And I never knew at that time that he would play such a pivotal role in my life. 

My relationship with him is the most difficult to explain. He is someone I whine to, argue with, laugh with and at worse even cry with. He can make me blush unnecessarily and also make me mad enough to kill him. He amazes me at times with his caring attitude and annoys me with being the worst judge of character too.

I can have the most nonsensical conversations with him and surprisingly the most sensible ones too. There are times when he can go overboard with heavy discussions and all one can do is nod head in agreement (at least I do that).

It’s frustrating how much he knows me, and how little I know him even after all these years. He doesn’t really bother about things I have to say or complain about. He just lets me rant. And it really annoys me sometimes, actually a lot of times. But still his opinion matters.

He is unpredictable. It’s difficult to figure out what he is thinking about. I can never foretell what he will say the next minute or worse think. This thing about him scares me a bit and I have to think thrice before saying something to him. Although he pleads and hopes that I change this stupid habit of mine but I guess it will take time. Every day spent with him is different in its own way. He has given me some of the worst memories. But the sweetest memories are also with him only. 

He made me accept that being different from the rest is not bad at all, that I should see it as some special quality. He makes me look at things in a different manner than the rest. "Take a risk!", is what he keeps telling me to do. And though I hardly listen to him, stubborn as a mule I am at times, but it's good that he still hasn't given up on me, yet.

I am cynical when it comes to trust and I couldn’t have chosen the worst person as a friend according to few. But I have never gone by ways of world. So what if he is irritating, he has been there when the closest have left the battlefield. There might come a time when we might drift apart and may never see each other again. But for now he is a close friend. And I am just enjoying each moment spent, however exasperating it may be (at times).

So this is me raising a toast to the most retard friend of mine and to our abnormal friendship.

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