Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Dazzler- Part 1

Picture this. You are having a bad day. The lectures were pathetic. The teachers picked you out specially and humiliated you in front of the class. You fought with your best friend. You lost your favorite pair of earrings. To be short, you are miserable. What would you do? 

Earlier I used to just lock myself in the room, maybe mull over it and then go off to sleep.
I would do all this even now if not for this person. Her idea of getting over a bad day- “Chocolate!”

How many of us know someone who is just brilliant in everything? Who is always ready to try out something new?

Well I do. And boy, if she isn’t something.

She is just completely crazy; a cute affectionate face, mad grin and beautiful eyes. Her eyes are the kinds which sparkle when she smiles and lit up with excitement on hearing something interesting.

She is nuts. But even when she is out of control and in a mad frenzy, she is still level-headed and calm. It’s amazing to see someone so balanced.

She is brilliant at everything. Be it arts, academics or socializing. She has this inane quality of dazzling people with her wits and smartness. She isn’t conventionally pretty but there is something about her which is extremely charming. You can actually get smitten with her in a few minutes. She is the kind of person people want to know more about. Her vast knowledge varies from books to music to quoting people to practically anything.

She has a thirst for knowing things. She might not actually indulge in any of them but she has to know. It’s like a disorder in her case.

She drives like there is no tomorrow, parties like a lunatic, talks utter nonsense sometimes and laughs the loudest in the group. She loves her friends fiercely. She has made some poor decisions regarding her own life but she has sometimes got the best advice to give out to people. I call it her “Golden Advice” moments. They are rare, but if you get one, it’s probably the best advice you could ever get from anyone.

She can be a complete tomboy one minute and extremely girly the next. She is crazy over shoes and equally crazy about books. There aren’t many such girls in this world. Trust me; I know a lot when it comes to girls.

It’s not like we are the best of friends or joint at the hip. But she has become a close friend in a short span of time.

This is not the end to Miss Dazzler. There is more to her and more to come.

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