Friday, 22 February 2013

Man Of Steel- Part 1

We all are priests of our mind. We are the ones who determine how flow of our life will take course. But we always need an idol to follow, someone we can look up to and take example from, especially when despair hits the roof.

For few it’s a celebrity or someone from some social or political background. For some it’s their family member. For me, it’s the person who gave me my first ever nickname. 

Man of Steel is actually a well known common name describing the most righteous superhero of comic world- Superman. A man made of steel and with his principles, setting things right in this ‘Big Bad World’. He symbolizes justice and morality. 

And in reality I don’t know anyone as moral as him. He, for me, is my Superman.

He is as simple a human being as can be; appearance-wise and also mentally. No love for much of any materialistic stuff. For him, his family always came first and still does. He always thinks of others before himself. And sometimes that irks me because it always makes me wonder- how can anyone be so selfless?

Must be wondering, if being so good-hearted paid off. 
Well it surely did, because that’s what makes his life worth telling. 

He isn’t easy with emotions. He knows how to emote and can be full of expressions but it doesn’t come easily to him. But don’t take him to be someone who doesn’t know how to feel or is heartless. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Sounds contradictory to what I just said but that is exactly how he is. People who know him up close know how soft he is from inside. That exterior steel look is only so that people take him seriously which is necessary for his profession.

People working under him only have words of praise for him. “Sir is tough and strict, but a gem of a person”. I am not saying this because I know him personally, but I have actually heard these words from his juniors and subordinates and seen their love. 

His was a life of struggles and hardships. Difficulties were there, professionally and personally, but he rose from them all and has achieved some commendable work. This somehow makes him a person of envy by others. And envy is one of those deadly sins which have the power of cursing someone’s luck. And he too has suffered because of it. But he has no hatred for anyone. He still diligently goes about doing his work. 
Think you know him enough, well you are wrong, because he is a lot more than just a hardworking, 'devoted to his work' kind of man.