Monday, 18 February 2013

The Psychedelic Klutz (Part 2)

It’s usually easy to describe someone atleast appearance wise. But this girl is hard to elaborate on. She was never the usual pretty girl ever. Yes she has these huge expressive eyes but that’s all. God compensated for it by making her awkwardly gawky and lean. She never had a sense of style back in childhood. She wasn’t interested in looking even decent enough for pictures. Messy brown hair, long oval face, a slightly crooked nose, small mouth and obviously the already emphasized upon asset- THE eyes; this was how she looked. She had super long legs and arms and a tiny waist to accompany them. Basically not noticeable amidst the crowd of many. 
But she had always been oblivious to all this until now atleast. What she lacked in looks department, she made up for it in the brains department. Her imagination had no match according to her. All she needed was a simple scenario and she could cook up a completely random story in a flash. Her family thought she had the craziest ideas for holiday destinations. She is not much of an adventurer but she loves exploring new places. Add to that her quirky mind and you could write a Famous Five type novel based on her. And if all this wasn’t enough, she was always clumsy; a complete klutz. She couldn’t walk three-four steps a day without tripping once. Her non-graceful nature had always made her sit out in all basketball practices in school or those sports day races. And this is the reason why she never grew a penchant for such activities. 

Back in childhood, her favourite leisure activity was sitting quietly in a corner and just looking around at people and how they would go about doing their work. She wouldn’t interfere because although she was physically present there, her mind was already floating in some different world where these same people were doing something entirely different. As soon as she got a brainwave, she would run to her secret hideout which was not really that secluded and pen down a story. She never shared her stories or short tales with anyone except her grandmother. It was an opposite scenario before bedtime at her house. Instead of her grandma reading out a story, she was mostly the audience while this tiny little girl kept narrating a scene. 

She is quite different when it comes to socializing. She likes being out there, surrounded with people, but she only speaks to few. This often gives her the tag of being snobbish or a prude. But she can’t be blamed. I personally believe, the less people know you, the better; because you have no fear of betrayal then. 

I admire her not because she is unique in a weird sense but because she can go to any sorts of lengths for her family and friends. She is emotional and extremely sensitive but she can be equally heartless if need be. She is temperamental, stubborn and crazy according to her friends. For now she is surrounded with this evil dark world she herself created and the Dreamer within her has sunken deep inside but it’s still there, somewhere and those who love her hope everyday that she will rise again and I hope the same.

And even though she is at this moment following the norms of the world, she already has devised a plan of breaking from the routine.  All she needs is that tiny glimmer of what we call as “HOPE” and what I term as “Magic”.

I bet she is reading this currently and still wondering who it could be about because that’s how much she is in denial about herself. Someone always has to be keep reminding her to believe in herself. So what if she is less pretty and a klutz, she sure can wield a sword to defend a friend and she wouldn’t even need an actual one, her “at-times” sharp tongue will suffice. She lives in a world of her own and usually is not affected by others thoughts. For her, fantasy is just a way of accepting the reality.

Deep within, all of us are dreamers. Deep within, we all are like her. 
We just need to understand that she is not a freak but someone just different. 

And as someone said- “Different is always good.”

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