Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Man Of Steel- Part 2

He might have seemed boring to you so far. But he has a fun side too and can be a complete prankster if challenged. He loves mind games, which require concentration, like chess. Again doesn’t sound fun right? But it is, especially if he sees himself not winning, because what follows later, is a hilarious commentary of how the opponent cheated his way till checkmate. Having discussions with him is yet another great activity. He gives you such different examples to back up his story that you end up agreeing to all he has to say even if it had started as a heated debate. 

If there is anyone he loves the most, it would be the lucky charm of the household, a 6 year old dog. For someone who never had a pet in his childhood, he is totally attached to her and adores her the most. 

Traveling and seeing new places, reading up on something interesting and cooking are a few other things he indulges in to relax his ever active mind.

He has been an inspiration to me for as long as I have known him, which is for whole of my life. What he failed to achieve sometimes shows on his face. And that look gives me the determination to be successful if not for myself then for him. When I do something great or worthy of appreciation, he has a proud feeling and that pushes me further, to be hardworking and efficient like him. 

I have actually got all the mischievousness and the orderly attitude from him only. He has never pulled me away from trying something new. Whatever be my decision he has always been there to back me up. I have had huge disagreements and fights with him. But that’s fine, because ‘You fight the worst with the person you love the most’. He has also, always been the first one to hear good news from my mouth.  

Whatever I am today, I owe him for that. He has been instrumental in shaping me as a human being. I try not to disappoint him. He thinks the world of me and for him I am his ‘Warrior Princess’.  

I am someone who is better with writing thoughts down than speaking my mind. I never say this to him enough, but I can write it as many times as possible,
“I care the most for you, because you are my Superman”.

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