Monday, 18 February 2013

The 12 !!!

I like observing people.

In these few years of my staying in so many places year after year (i am an army see), if there is one thing i like after traveling and reading, it would be meeting people. But not for befriending them. I just like to observe them, their nature, their attitude to life and how like any human they play the blame-game.

So for now i have decided to write up on 12 people. They are as different from each other as any can be. The only thing they have in common would be maybe me; the fact that they all crossed paths with me at some point or the other.

What i ll write would be how i have perceived them...and how they somehow altered my life. Some are here to stay...and some i may never meet again. But all these people have been instrumental in shaping my life as a grown up.

The first post you just read was on someone who is a complete stranger in a sense that this person is not part of "The 12" as i call them.

Stay posted for the part 2 :D

P.S- Remember i have just recently started writing again after almost 7 kindly ignore my rusty writing skills..they need a bit of oiling and also any grammatical mistakes (if any)

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