Friday, 22 February 2013

"The 12" - #1

Okay i was actually going to wait till next week to post on the first from the 12 people that I'll be writing about but i really couldn't wait for long.

Plus, I got a pretty nice response and few readers were eager to know who will be the first.

Honestly, i had three options for my first post and I was very confused and it took me a bit of time to finalize on one. But now that I am about to post it, I think none other deserved to be chosen as first.

I hope you like it. As I said, any criticism is happily welcomed because I like to improve myself everyday, every moment. :)

P.S- No names are going to be mentioned of anyone in my post. So in case you recognize someone, still don't mention the names in any comments please.  

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