Monday, 18 February 2013

The Psychedelic Klutz (Part 1)

It was the month of summer. Hot and humid was the weather. The earth was boiling up right to its core. Dreadful raging wind blew across the window of the nursing room where that sore day a young girl was going to step into this world. After long painful shrieks of the mother, the whole hospital was filled with the cries of the infant. The family’s joys knew no bounds when the nurse stepped outside; carrying a tiny being wrapped in cloth and handed her to the patriarch – her grandfather. 

When he took her in his arms, he was met with an adorable sight; a healthy fair complexioned baby with tiny hands, frail body and eyes that filled the face, huge, massive and sparkling with mischief. He named her “The Lucky One”.

Fast forwarding to five years; scenario of a school bustling with energy early morning right before the morning prayers. A school bus stops right at the gate and there is an outflow of children shouting and chatting away to glory, walking down towards the assembly grounds. And there right behind the bus, comes a car, stops behind the bus and out jumps a girl- small, skinny and eager. Eager to enter a completely new world. 

She is holding her mother’s hand, but as soon as she sees the other kids running inside, she somehow drops it and starts walking like in a trance. Oblivious to her mother’s calls, she enters the gate and just then, turns one last time, searches for her parents and gives them a wide smile and walks right in. She is ready to conquer the world.

Meet the Dreamer. And this, my dear friends is her story.


  1. Looking forward to see more stories, Though one suggestion , I think you missed out on one promise you made to your readers- narrating about what they taught you while crossing paths with you :-) . Great reads overall :-)

  2. Well she is not part of the didnt focus on that...the rest i will...but thanks di...glad you liked it :D