Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Dazzler- Part 2

Our first meeting is very hazy. I am very much rough on the details. But I remember that a friend had mentioned her already, so I kind of knew who to look around for.

I have known her for almost four years now. But it is this past one year; that we have become close. Maybe it is the sudden common interests, lack of a possible “happy” love life, daily screw-ups or the incessant love for books. We are very similar in thoughts, yet diverse in actions. 

Her plan of action at time of chaos is “Keep Calm” and mine is perhaps, “I don’t give a damn”. She has been a confidante to me, someone I have been able to open up to. She doesn’t judge anyone by their actions.

Before I had met her, I used to think I am the only unusual “out-of-the-box” girl. But she surpasses me in every account. Even though she can speak her mind when necessary, she ends up trusting people too easily. She feels everyone deserves a chance to correct themselves. This quality of hers can be annoying a lot of times especially when it hurts her in return. She can be really vulnerable at times and strong as a barrier otherwise. 

What I like about her the most is that she has a plan, maybe not a very well thought out plan but one nonetheless. She knows her capabilities, her flaws and her strengths. She makes the most of the opportunities life offers her. I admire that in her.  

She has made me a part of her chaotic yet fun life. She counts me as one of the few people she can confide in (which makes me feel special, a naive thought, but still it feels nice)

This past year has been amazing. I don’t know where we’ll be in couple of months but she is one of the people who made an impact on my life. She dazzled her way into my life and still leaves me amazed sometimes with her silly quirks. 

Four years are never enough to know a person and I still won't say that I know this slightly crazy mad woman very well but I actually thank my luck that I crossed paths with her and I am going to say it very publicly- I will Miss you a lot! Take care.

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