Saturday, 13 April 2013

Golden Heart Hero- Part 1

How does one describe a hero?

Heroes in earlier times were those gallant human beings who saved lives, rescued damsels in distress, fought off the monsters and restored peace amongst the people.

Heroes aren’t hard to spot. They make an impression on people. They intimidate you. But there are heroes who never realize who they really are. They prefer being hidden in the crowd and are content with just saving the day.

This is a story of one such hero. 

Tall, dark and handsome, bright eyes, wide smile full of charm, laughter that could easily fill the whole room with warmth and a voice which has the power to silence a noisy crowd, that’s him.

Although he is pretty much of a loner, he never has troubles making friends. His amiable nature is enough to charm all around him, be it his friends, co-workers or mentors.

He is someone who is a born leader. He needs no coaxing to participate in any sports activities. It’s almost like he is relied upon for being a part of them automatically. He has those deep eyes which never lie. And if you stare straight into them, then you can’t lie to him either.

He goes all the way out for his friends; be it defending them against someone or helping them out. In this world of heartless people, he is a rare case.

He is so simple at heart that it makes you wonder how can there be such people alive in this world. He doesn’t prefer anything fancy. All he needs is his music, his few friends and something simple planned out to make it a perfect day.

Apart from good music, his other great love would be the one sport whole country is mad about. ‘The Gentleman’s Game’ as it used to be called or cricket as we common people know it. He is so passionate about this game that there was a point when one would never see him for days because he would be away playing. And you just can’t battle your wits when it comes to cricket trivia with him. Or rather you would not want to, because he is just that good at it.

If that’s not all, the next thing he is very serious about is serving this country hard core style by being part of defence services. He oozes confidence. He knows his weak spots and the areas he is good in so well that it leaves you in awe most of the times. He may appear to be casual at first but when he sets his eyes on something, he gets it anyhow.

Don’t shy away because of this strong confident exterior, because deep inside, he is very sensitive and romantic. He must be one those few guys who actually believe in the power of true love and hope for happy endings.

All this still doesn’t explain why I consider him a hero with a golden heart. That is the story yet to be unfolded.

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