Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Time To Let Go

They say you never forget your firsts. The first time you rode a bicycle, the first time you saw a movie in the theater, your first video game, the first book you ever picked up to read, the first friend you opened up to, the first crush, that first kiss, the first time you blushed on being complimented, the first relationship, the first betrayal, the first heartbreak, the first time you felt alive, your first trip alone. 

True we don't forget them. But we hold onto them. What we never realize is that these are just memories. They aren't supposed to hold us back. 

So what if you fell off from the bike, doesn't mean you stop riding it. That first kiss was amazing but it never worked out, so you stop living?

The betrayal was brutal and it probably was the worst when it happened but you can't stop trusting people.

Why do we always use these things as excuses and refuse to move on?

Life doesn't end because someone you blindly loved broke your heart. These things should not be a burden, they should be lessons.

There will be more falls to come when you ride that bicycle at full speed. You fall only to get up and move ahead. The only difference- you know where to be careful this time, where to slow down, which curve or bend to avoid. 

The first trip you take only motivates you to take further more. With each such incident in life, you actually come to know yourself better.

Life is supposed to be lived every minute, staying in past is only giving you less time to enjoy the present and even lesser time to anticipate the future.

Don't hold back. Let yourself loose.
Pick up that bike you abandoned in the garage and get out.
There is a world full of curves and bends but every curve has a straight wide road ahead too. Look forward to that. 

And don't be afraid if you fall. Ever.

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