Monday, 29 April 2013


I hope you guys are as excited about reading my blog as I am when I am about to post something new.

I have realized I love writing. It's the best form of release which relaxes your mind. When you pen down your thoughts, you are actually speaking to yourself. Your thoughts are more coherent and transparent. You see your true self. When you write, you don't lie. You don't keep feeding yourself these false emotions.

I believe everyone should inculcate this amazing habit of writing.

This next post is again not part of "The 12". It is just something I ended up writing while watching this show I like a lot- Once Upon a Time. All about fairytales with modern twist.

You know I was a big fan of fairytales back in childhood. They were full of magic and knights and princesses and stuff. It's only recently I have come to know that many of these tales are very twisted; the actual ones are full of horror and wickedness and what not.

So keeping that in mind, I wrote the upcoming post.

Happy Reading :)

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