Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Golden Heart Hero- Part 2

I consider myself pretty good at remembering how I met someone. And I also pride myself on having this stupid quality. But when it comes to this person, I am baffled; because all the memories surrounding ‘how we came to know each other’ are hazy. He just was always there.

He was there when I needed a friend. He was there even when I wanted to be left alone. He is always there and he claims that he will always be around.

As impatient I am, he is equally calm and at peace. He rarely shows anger or loses his temper. He handles things with composure. 

He can read my mind and knows when I need to be comforted and when I want to be aloof. It freaks me out a bit that sometimes he knows me better than myself.  And the way he looks straight into your eyes, you can’t lie to him. Atleast I can’t.

He is the protective brother I never had. He has no issues scolding if I am doing something wrong but he doesn’t even hesitate to praise me from time to time.

We rarely talk. Ours is the kind of friendship which doesn’t require staying in touch through messages or phone calls. We don't even meet pretty often. But we still pretty much know what is up with each other’s life.

He is my support system. He knows just the right things to say to pacify this reckless human that I have become. 

Teenage is perhaps the toughest stage of life. You are struggling with yourself, trying to identify who you are- physically as well as mentally. And many a times you fall, you fall into this deep dark hole. I went through the same issues. And I won’t say I had no friends to hold onto. But the one person who had maximum faith in me after my parents was him.

He never gave up on me, even when I lost all hope and almost abandoned myself. He knew that I am strong to not let these bother me so much that I stop enjoying what life was offering me. Even now when I am in despair and if he somehow comes to know about it, he knocks sense into my brain.

He taught me to be brave. He taught me that courage isn’t just being loud, it is also believing in yourself and telling yourself that you will try again tomorrow.

He has a heart of gold and for me he is a hero.

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